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  • £500 Credit Line
  • All Credit Types Considered
  • Flexible payments (Set a weekly payment date). Credit subject to status!
  • Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority
  • Over 60,000 products
  • Major Brands
  • Next Day Dispatch
  • Game Consoles, Switch, Xbox, PS5
  • Apple Watch
  • Laptops, Gaming Monitors
  • Smart TVs

Bon Prix is a French company that sells clothing, accessories and home goods. They have been around since 1867 when they were founded by Leon Bonnevier. They are one of the oldest fashion companies in France. In this article we will explore their history as well as some of their most popular products.

Leading fashion retailer

Bonprix is a leading fashion retailer that provides customers with the latest and most stylish clothing pieces at affordable prices. With over 30,000 items available from sizes 6 to 32 for women, Bonprix also offers accessories such as shoes and lingerie in addition to its menswear line.

Bon Prix has partnered with Kaleidoscope, Look Again, and Curvissa to give its customers a special 25% off their first purchase when establishing a catalogue credit account. With large women’s sizes ranging from UK 6 to 32, men’s and children’s divisions, and a fantastic variety of styles for everyone in between, there’s something for everyone!

Range of products

Bon Prix is a great place to shop for clothes and shoes, but they’ve yet to venture into home items or electronics. They have access from their sister catalogues so you can still order those products there with the same terms as your Bon-Prix account. You could also request that some be delivered directly to your door!

Bon Prix have a great range of clothing for plus size including sensual lingerie and nightwear. Discover some new brands with access to other catalogues, such as Ellesse or Adidas.

Bon Prix Catalogue

Budgeting options

Bon Prix are making it easy for people on a budget to find great deals. With prices starting at £10, there is bound to be something that you like! Bon Prix also have credit lines available with low interest rates and discounts of up to 25% if you sign up for an account with them.

Bon Prix has a try before you buy policy that gives 14 days to decide if they like the product, with no interest charged. They offer various options for delivery; you can either have it delivered to your local Hermes ParcelShop for standard charges or by courier at £3.99 per day and next-day delivery is also available on selected days for an additional charge of £5.99

Free returns

Bonprix offers free returns on all orders within 14 days of purchase. To return your items, simply find the Return and Exchange labels in your package and drop them off at a Hermes Parcel Shop or post office. You can also send it back by courier if you live close enough! Bonprix is always available to register an account anytime online so that shoppers may manage their account information 24/7 with ease either through placing an order for easy registration as well as from any device they have handy.

Your own account

Registering your Bonprix account has never been easier. Customers who have not yet experienced shopping on the website can do so by registering their account online through clicking “My Account” and entering an email address, password, and then choosing a username. Once this is complete they will need to hit “register” before following instructions for setting up their access details which includes credit card information or PayPal settings in order to shop on-site!

Once logged in, registered customers can:

  • Change their account information
  • View their statement online and check their account balance.
  • View and monitor recent orders.
  • Arrange returns or make payments by managing them all through the website!

How to reset your Bonprix password

You can do this easily with just a few clicks on our Forgotten Password page – as long as you have entered the required details; an email will be sent which contains the link that leads to a secure password reset form where there is only one day’s validity for it before it expires automatically so act now while we know its safe!

Create a Bonprix Personal Account with just three easy steps! Select your preferred payment method at checkout, enter the required details to apply for an account and in 24 hours you will receive instructions on how to access it. You need be 18 years or older but everyone is subject to extensive credit worthiness checks and affordability assessments before approval can be granted.

Processing your application

No one likes to be declined, but it’s important for Bonprix customers who are denied the chance of ordering a new catalogue or placing an order online. If you have received such email from us there is no need to worry! There may not always be clear reasons why your application was rejected- sometimes they just do not want more people in that area and other times we might find out later when someone else also declines. It doesn’t really matter though because all you need to know now is how to request another copy – either by paying with PayPal on our website (

Placing an order

Bonprix offers a variety of ways to place an order. Returning customers can provide their account number and email address, while Quick Order lets shoppers quickly find the products they want by providing item numbers. Customers who call up Bonprix’s customer service line are able to get in touch with live representatives from 8:00am-9:00pm daily for placing orders over the phone or through chat services!

Bonprix customers can save money on their orders by applying a Bonprix offer code. The discount is processed at the time of purchase, and it will be outlined in an email confirmation message that also includes your order number. Apply any available codes before completing your order to receive discounts for this particular transaction only when making use of paper form while ordering from some select publications or through direct contact with customer service representatives via phone call during business hours (EST), Monday-Friday from 9:00AM – 8:30PM ET).

Bonprix offers many different ways to get stylish clothes without breaking budgets! If you would like savings applied towards both current purchases as well as future ones, we recommend using one our Bonpret Codes today!


Bonprix offers many ways to make a payment. You can log in and go straight through the Payment section, call Quickserv on our Freephone number, or speak with customer service over the phone for your order tracking needs.

In the event that a customer has not received their order, they should contact Bonprix so they can look into it. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase, customers have three options to return an item: arrange collection by courier; send back to local ParcelShop via Hermes or post office.

How does Bonprix make it so easy for you to return your online purchases? Simply download and print a pre-paid returns label. Instructions on returning an item can be found at the appropriate returns labels that came with the parcel. Some items are not eligible for return, like jewellery or iPads, which need to be returned separately through Royal Mail by contacting them directly from their website, emailing them or phoning them up first!

Customer service

Bonprix is committed to providing our customers with the best possible service. However, sometimes accidents happen and faulty items need to be returned for a refund or exchange. Faulty goods should be packed separately from other purchases before sending them back so that they can receive prompt attention which may include repair, replacement or an in-store credit. When you contact us let us know as soon as possible about any issues because this will help ensure we are able to remedy it promptly without hassle on your end! Items sent back through Bonprix’s Returns section of your online account can easily track their status enabling speedy refunds anytime within 7 – 10 days after collection date when using original payment method used at time of purchase . If no refund has been received then

Delivery service

Bonprix’s Annual Delivery Pass offers a year of unlimited standard delivery service, as well as next day and stated-day deliveries on selected items. It covers all home, Hermes ParcelShop or courier deliveries from the store online! This is perfect for those who want their new clothes delivered quickly without breaking the bank with additional fees. Bonprix makes it easy to use your pass by displaying it on both the Shopping Bag page and checkout page after purchase – no more forgetting about shipping costs just before you submit an order!

The Annual Delivery Pass can be cancelled 14 days after purchase. If no orders were placed in that time period, customers will receive a full refund for their pass; however if they have made any purchases during the trial period, their money will not be returned to them and instead go towards paying off annual membership fees as per your agreement with our company.

The Annual Delivery Pass is non-refundable but you may cancel it within 14 days of purchasing it provided there are no previous deliveries on record or attempted deliveries before then

Bonprix has simple delivery options with Standard Delivery costing £3.99 and Next Day Delivery being available for an additional fee of £5.99 (£0 to Northern Ireland). For those looking for a little more flexibility, Stated Day Deliver is also offered at the same price as Next Day (excluding Bank Holidays) but will be delivered on your desired date up to 7 days ahead!

Ordering online

By ordering online, customers can now order their favourite snacks from all over the world. All you need is a passport or National ID card to sign up with us and then your ready to go! The only catch? You have to be home when we deliver it which means that if you want someone else there as well just add them on before hand in the account section like I did for my brother who lives round the corner.

Bonprix is a convenient way to order clothes for you and your family. Customers are advised that having their parcel left in such manners are at their own risk, but Bonprix offers many pros when it comes to ordering online from them. For example, customers can get 25% off on first Personal Account orders with free delivery! Also, they offer an Annual Delivery Pass which makes shopping even more worth the time spent waiting through those pesky checkout lines or trying desperately not to forget anything while grocery shopping one night before Christmas Eve dinner preparations begin tomorrow morning…
Bonprux also doesn’t charge international shipping fees; however if you want any exchanges of items ordered there’s no luck because Bonpruxt does not do item-exchanges either