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  • £500 Credit Line
  • All Credit Types Considered
  • Flexible payments (Set a weekly payment date). Credit subject to status!
  • Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority
  • Over 60,000 products
  • Major Brands
  • Next Day Dispatch
  • Game Consoles, Switch, Xbox, PS5
  • Apple Watch
  • Laptops, Gaming Monitors
  • Smart TVs

Brighthouse Catalogue is a renowned company that has been in the business for many years. They offer an extensive range of products from top brands, and have everything you need to make your home comfortable and stylish. The hundreds of pages are packed with items such as furniture, sofas of various styles, bedding, kitchenware, electronic appliances and more!

Rent-to-own store in UK

BrightHouse is the largest and leading rent-to-own store in UK with over 3000 employees. They offer a wide variety of products from household goods to all the latest must have electrical items while their main product lines include home electronics, domestic appliances, furniture and related homewares. Customers can also do Bright House Bill Pay process online or on phone call which makes it more convenient for customers.

Bright House is a company that has been in business since 2002. It’s an app, store locator and customer service number all rolled into one! If you’re looking for the latest on what BrightHouse can do for your home or office needs, then browse their website now.

Finding the perfect item has never been easier. Whether you’re in need of a new laptop, want to give your living room an upgrade or simply looking for kitchenware: we have it all! We offer flexible payment options so no upfront costs are required and with our easy-to-follow repayment plan, buying from us is just within reach.

At BrightHouse we are committed to giving you the best possible service at all times. With this in mind, it’s important for us that our customers can choose how they want to pay their bills. Whether paying on a weekly basis or going monthly with interest free payments*, there is something perfect for everyone! If your budget doesn’t quite stretch far enough and would like an extra helping hand* but still have some control over when you get paid, then sign up today for one of BrightHouse Easy Pay plans.*

Brighthouse Catalogue

Using Easy Pay

With BrightHouse’s Easy Pay, you’ll never have to worry about missing payments again. Your bank will automatically request your payment every month and even if a fee is charged for the transaction or it fails in some way, they won’t charge any set-up fees! You can cancel at anytime too so there are no worries of being overcharged.

BrightHouse offers a host of benefits, with its extensive product range.

Refurbished products

We offer refurbished products at a range of prices. Our in-store experts have years of experience and will guide you to find the best product for your needs. Try our buy now, pay later options with free online decisions available instantly!

BrightHouse has everything you need for your home such as carpets on finance and electrical needs. With weekly payments that are affordable, it’s never been easier to purchase a new washing machine on finance or computer with BrightHouse as the perfect option for those on any budget or who like staying in control of their finances.

Bright House is known as one of the best retail stores around when looking into getting electronics such as televisions, computers, xbox consoles and appliances at an unbeatable price available within minutes from anywhere in England by ordering online

Rent-to-buy services

BrightHouse offers a variety of rent-to-buy services with the option to extend your contract or own what you’ve rented for an affordable price. With TVs, sound systems and gaming consoles available as part of their service, they offer anything that can be found in any store at one place!

Brighthouse has the latest home electronics, gaming, PS4 and Xbox consoles, computers and tablets. If you need a new mobile phone or other device for your lifestyle Brighthouse can help find what is best for you! With low weekly payments it’s easy to afford all of those must-have items without having to pay in full at once on one big purchase. BrightHouse offers everything from electricals, laptops, furniture, appliances and more so stop by today with any questions about how we might be able to meet your needs better than anywhere else around town

BrightHouse is the best place to find furniture for your home, whether you’re looking for a new bed or just need some extra seating. You can even spread out payments over time so that you don’t have to pay it all at once!

BrightHouse Laptops

Look no further than Bright House if you are in the market for a new laptop, appliance or furniture. All of these items come with free delivery and installation as standard – saving you time and money!

Brighthouse is a great place to shop because you can buy in-store or online! You will never have a hard time finding what your looking for with their huge catalogue. If you are interested in becoming one of Brighthouses customers, it’s easy too apply and preapprove yourself instantly so that they know how much money to work around. They do not just care about credit checks either; BrightHouse wants the customer experience to be affordable and manageable on everyone’s budget which means being able to pay off weekly payments instead of monthly ones.

Home Essentials

BrightHoue’s catalogue is the first place to find all of your home essentials, from furniture and whitegoods to kitchenware. Apply in store for quick approval which will save you time when making that major purchase! Head into one of our stores with a completed application form online or ask an associate at checkout if we have any available copies waiting on hand

A recent customer of BrightHouse has this to say about their experience:

“I am so glad I found out about them and now have a fresh start.”

Here are the steps they took:

They went into one of our branches with 2 Recent bank statements, 1 document proving identity (Debit card or Driving License), and 1 proof that they live at the address on documents (Statement from landlord). With these pieces of information we will carry out an initial credit check – don’t worry if you have bad credit history though! We offer special terms for people who struggle more when it comes to getting approved for loans because we understand your financial situation may be different than someone else’s. Once accepted, as long as payments are made.

Credit solution

BrightHouse is the perfect credit solution for those with poor or no credit history. It allows you to buy what you need over a flexible and affordable period without having to pay in one large lump sum. This provides peace of mind that your money will not be wasted on items that are never used like other forms of financing do so often, such as payday loans and title loans which can end up costing more than they originally cost if interest rates go up!

BrightHouse is the leading rent-to-buy service in the UK. They offer affordable weekly payments to credit customers looking for furniture and appliances that can be bought outright with monthly installments instead of paying a hefty lump sum at once. With years of experience behind it, BrightHouse has your back when you need new possessions but just don’t have enough money on hand!