Mountain Bikes on Finance

No deposit required for 0% APR financing

Access to all your bikes, gear, and accessories will be easy, including the garden shed you’ll probably want to store it during winter. There are many payment options available to spread the cost of the vehicle from one to the next. Barclay Credit and PayPal Credit are used to finance the financing. Spend at least PS199 on our products or discount items or spread them out with financing. The Finance calculator is free and will help you make an informed decision on your budget in seconds.

No deposit required for 0% APR financing

Spread the cost for your next purchase

Hargroves Cycles offers a 6-month cycle loan to qualified customers, making it easier to buy your bicycle or other equipment. All motorcycles up to PS300.00 are eligible for financing. You have the option to choose between interest-free financing and classic credit depending on your selection. Click and collect is the only way to get money. You can arrange finance payments in-store.

Mountain bikes on finance

Tredz finance providers

Barclays Partners Finance, PayPal Credit and PayPal Credit offer financing at 0% APR for purchases above PS1000 from Barclays Partners Financial or PS199 from PayPal Credit. PayPal Payment finance requests cannot be sent outside the United Kingdom to your home address (except Northern Ireland). Barclays Partner Finance allows you to choose another location for your loan.

Barclays partner financing

Barclays partner financing provides a variety of options for bike financing to suit every budget. You can choose from a range of terms including 0% or 119% interest rates for either short-term or long-term financing.

Barclays partner financing

Barclays Eligibility Checker

The Barclays Eligibility Checker can be used to determine if you are eligible for Barclays Partner Finance loans. This will not affect your credit score.

Credit is dependent on your financial situation and past borrowing history.

Tredz is the credit broker, not the lender. Barclays Partner Finance acts as the lender.

Barclays partner financing options

Some of our most comprehensive loan options are available. See Table 1 for more information. It all depends on the financial situation of the applicant.

Variable payments for your budget

Tredz makes financing easy. There are a variety of flexible financing repayment options available, ranging from 6 months to 48 months. You can choose between a 0% APR financing deal that pays no interest and a 11.9% APR option that pays lower monthly payments.


You can make overpayments once your Barclays Partner Finance account has been activated to clear your balance faster. While overpayments may reduce the term of your loan but will not affect the minimum monthly payments, they will still be paid.

PayPal Credit

PayPal Credit could allow you to get 0% APR financing that can be repaid over 6 months for basket values as low at PS99. For larger amounts, you can get a repayment term of up to 36 months. For more information on PayPal Credit Finance options, please see the table below.

using PayPal Credit


Payments of PS99-PS249 are made in three easy installments. There is no interest, late payments or fees.


V12 Retail Finance

Online Application – Orders PS280 or more

Spend at least PS280 on our website, and you can apply for finance options. You only need to pay a 10% deposit. Credit subject to status

0% APR Financing Example

Lowest 0% APR Finance Value

PayPal Credit is the best option for 0% APR financing. You can get 0% finance up to 6 months with a purchase of only PS99.00. This is great if you are looking to buy a new item of kit, but not be tied to long repayments. Spend more than PS250 to be eligible for 0% financing for up to 12 months.

How to Apply for Finance

Are you looking for your dream bike? It takes just four steps to apply for bike finance. It takes only a few minutes to complete the entire process.

How to Apply for Finance


Finance is available for all orders above PS99


At checkout, click ‘apply to finance’. Select the term


A decision is usually made in just a few seconds


We will ship your items directly to your address

What’s Next?

We’ll process your order if your application form for finance is approved. We’ll contact you to set a delivery time that works for you.

Everything You Need to Know


If you decide to apply later for finance, there are certain criteria that must be met. You must meet the following requirements to apply:

  • At least 18 years of age
  • You must be employed full-time (16 hours per week) or retired.
  • You can be employed, self-employed, or retired with a monthly income of at least PS500.
  • You have been a UK resident for at least three years, and have a permanent residence.
  • You should have a mobile phone number.
  • An email address is required.
  • You must have a UK resident bank account that allows Direct Debits to be taken.
  • Keep current on all credit repayments.


Can I get credit?

Yes, credit checks will be conducted.

To determine if you are a good candidate for financing, a credit check will be done on your financial history. This credit check will be kept on your credit report for 12 month.

What will the Barclays Partner Finance eligibility test have on my credit score?

Can I get credit?

Who is responsible for the financing?

Barclays Partner Finance, PayPal Credit and PayPal Credit provide our finance.

Why should you partner with Barclays Partner Finance?

Tredz by Barclays Partner Finance provides interest-free and interest bearing credit agreements. They also provide finance for some of Britain’s most well-known brands.

What is the process for applying for finance?

Once you have chosen finance at checkout, you will be presented with the relevant finance terms. After you’ve selected the finance term you want, you will be directed to your chosen finance provider to complete your credit request. It is a quick process in which you will be asked for your name, address and bank details. Additional information such as marital, residential, and dependent information will also be required to help your chosen finance provider make a credit decision. These details may not be required if you already have a PayPal Account.

Note that a valid email address and mobile number are required for any finance application. A customer without a valid email address will not be allowed to apply for finance. Your finance agreement will be available to you once your application has been accepted.

Can I have my order sent to another address?

Barclays offers the possibility of shipping to an alternate address to your billing address. When you apply for finance, your shipping address must be provided.

Can I spend more than I have?

Barclays Partner Finance has a maximum threshold of PS50,000. The maximum threshold for PayPal Credit is PS7,999.

When can I begin to pay?

Barclays Partner Finance will make your first payment 30 days after you have received your first item.

PayPal Credit is a method of paying your first bill when you receive your order.

Is it possible to pay the loan off early?

You can, with Barclays Partner Finance or PayPal Credit.

When will my items arrive?

Once finance has been approved, your items can be constructed and shipped as soon possible. This can take up to 24 hours.

Can I return an item from Finance?

Yes. Any item can be returned on finance.

Barclays Partner Finance: Once the returned goods have been received, the reduction to your finance agreement will be in effect within two working days.

PayPal Credit – Return your purchase as usual and the refund will be processed within two working days.

Note: You can’t return items on finance if the minimum value of your basket is lower than PS99 for PayPal Credit, or PS250 for Barclays Partner Finance.

You can exchange one product for another of the same price. We can also offer you a coupon of the same value that the item(s), you are returning. The voucher is valid for up to one year and can be used on any item.

Do you need to reapply for PayPal Credit if I have it?

You can use these offers even if you already have PayPal credit. As long as you have sufficient credit limit, you don’t have to reapply. Select one of the available instalment deals and you can check out with PayPal Credit.

Do you need a PayPal account to get PayPal Credit?

Yes. However, if you do not have a PayPal account you can set one up through the PayPal Credit application.

Registering for a PayPal account takes only a few minutes.

What happens to my Barclays Partner Finance Application if it isn’t approved?

If your request for financing is not successful, Barclays Partner Finance won’t be able to finance your purchase. You will be notified via email and on-screen that your application has been declined. You still have the option of purchasing your items with a debit or credit card, or with PayPal Credit.

What should I do if I wish to return an item that I purchased using my PayPal Credit?

You can return the good as usual and your PayPal Credit account will be credited with the refund.

PayPal Credit options

Distance Order (online and mail order) Selling:

The Consumer Contracts Regulations (2014) allow customers to return items if they change their mind. The customer can cancel their order at any time, starting from the moment they place it online and lasting up to 14 days after they have received the goods. After notifying the retailer about their cancellation, the customer has 14 days to return the goods. Online returns are exempted for customized products.

Faulty Goods:

The 2015 Consumer Rights Act gives customers the right to return products that do not have a good quality. The customer has a 30-day period to exercise this right from the day they take possession of the goods. The customer is not required to pay return shipping costs if the item is defective. The retailer must refund all costs of returning an item that has arrived damaged, not as stated, or defective.

Faulty Goods