Premier Man Review And Buying Guide

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  • £1,200 Credit Line
  • All Credit Types Considered
  • Flexible payments (Set a weekly payment date). Credit subject to status!
  • Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority
  • Over 60,000 products
  • Major Brands
  • Next Day Dispatch
  • Game Consoles, Switch, Xbox, PS5
  • Apple Watch
  • Laptops, Gaming Monitors
  • Smart TVs

The Premier Man is an all-around great guy. He has a dark side, but there’s also a light side to him that makes him so wonderful. When he gets the opportunity to show off his skills in basketball or football, he never lets it go unnoticed. The Premier Man is strong and passionate about everything he does and will always put in 110% effort into anything he pursues.

JD Williams & Company Limited, which has more than 130 years of history and 20 catalogue brands in the UK, is one of the world’s leading direct home shopping companies. Premier Man was founded as part of JD Williams back in 1875; it currently operates its own website for mail-order only items!

Premier Man is the best place for you to find a wide variety of products, from clothes and shoes to home goods. If there’s one thing that Premier Man specializes in it would be menswear but they also have an extensive women’s section which includes everything imaginable such as electronics, furniture, accessories and more! They offer free shipping on orders over $99 dollars so if your order falls below this amount then don’t worry because with their low prices who wouldn’t want something?

For those who like to browse through the catalogue for hours, just know that you can also get anything from Premier Man online. If it’s been a while since your last browsing session or if you don’t think they have what you’re looking for in their catalogues then use the “Quick Order Form” at and see all of our great products- we’ve got something waiting for everyone!

When you’re shopping for clothes online, it can be difficult to find the perfect fit. Premier Man makes this easy with a wide range of sizes and lengths offered in their catalogue that will make sure every man is looking his best. With an emphasis on size and fit, there are no worries about whether or not your shirt will cover your belly when wearing slim jeans!

Premier Man is a company that specializes in clothing for the modern man. Their extensive online catalogue of men’s clothes features all types of attire from formal wear to casual outfits, and they offer them in sizes which are guaranteed to fit better than anything you’ll find on the high street or at your local mall.

Premier Man provide a wide range of products for the whole family, ensuring that whatever your style or budget you are guaranteed to find something out. With 18 individual tests rigorously applied by their experts they take care in each detail so whether it is classic timeless styles or modern designs there’s something on offer at Premier Man.

It’s never too late to shop for a last minute gift. Premier Man is here to help you out with their online catalogue, which makes it easy and convenient when shopping from the couch! They have everything under one roof including home accessories and furniture, garden appliances like gardening equipment or lawn mowers at discounted prices that will make your yard look perfect this summer.

With the Premier Man online catalogue you can browse through all of their products and brands, including Samsung, LG & many more. You’ll find everything from many brands and types of laptops to mobiles, so it’s easy to stay up-to-date with technology without leaving your house.

Premier Man is a company that offers men with an online catalogue of clothes. With all their pieces being rigorously tested by style experts for 18 different measurements, you are guaranteed to find something that fits your needs perfectly.

Do you need a new jacket? Check out the Premier Man catalogue to find one that is just right for you. With their 20% discount on your first order, it’s worth checking them out and finding something great!

Premier Man Catalogue

Shopping Catalogue

What to wear? You might want pants, shirts or t-shirts. For shoes and shorts, you can either browse through the different menus of the catalogue: MENSWEAR NIGHTWEAR & UNDERWEAR SHOES WOMEN HOME&GARDEN ELECTRICALS GIFTS SALE OR search for them using quick links like COLLARS CHEST WAIST 5 LEG LENGTH FOOT WEARE Once you see an item that catches your fancy just click on it to view more details select preferences like color size quantity hit ADD TO BAG button

Create your perfect wardrobe with the help of Wishlist.

Create an outfit that’s exactly what you want it to be with the help from our new feature, Wishlists! Now when a product catches your eye and you just can’t decide whether or not to buy it, all you have to do is click on “Save For Later” for later viewing (and shopping!). This way we’ll never let anything slip by without giving yourself ample time for inspection – so gather up some gems today while they’re at their lowest prices only here at Saint Laurent Paris online store!

What are the different ways I can pay for my Premier Man order? You have many options to choose from, but here is a quick overview. If you want to make your payment quickly and easily with just one click of the mouse or tap on phone screen then using Credit Card/Debit card might be perfect choice for you. Clicking “Make Payment” link will bring up an information box prompting what type of credit card (Visa, Mastercard etc) that should be used as well as billing address which has been saved in your account already if applicable). The site also provides instructions on how we verify payments made by debit cards – they need 3-6 digit CV2 number found at bottom left corner behind signature panel when paying with

For those of you who are not in the UK, Premier Man also has a system to support credit card payments by phone. You can call anytime and their automated bank will process your payment immediately so that there’s no waiting for confirmation or checks. If you want an even more expedient experience, they have 24/7 self-service terminals located conveniently at airports throughout England as well!

For non-UK residents looking to make purchases with their cards while abroad but don’t know how: just click on “Manage Saved Cards” if it expired already or is no longer being used; alternatively, pay using your debit or credit card over the phone any time of day any day (just be sure to take note that this method

Also, keep in mind that if you use your credit card to pay for your order, the amount can be subjected to a handling charge of 1.5%. You have the option of setting up Direct Debit as an alternative payment method and will need to sign into or call Premier Man account services at 8:00am on Monday through Friday from 9:00pm until 6:00pm on Sundays between 8-6 PM EST (24 hours) with details about what name bank they are using, their personal bank information like username/password and sort code.

For a small fee, Premier Man customers can have their direct debit set up over the phone. The process is simple and takes less than five minutes to complete if you follow these steps:
2- Call 0800 001 0004 (or 0845 602 9656 from outside of the UK)
3- Follow prompts until automatically transferred to an agent who will take care of your order for you or choose option “B” on our automated system when prompted
4- Provide most recent card details including account number, date first drawn down on credit/debit card and name as it appears across all cards in use with us; this information may be found under My Account.

You won’t miss a single direct debit payment thanks to Premier Man. You can have it set up as the fixed amount, minimum charge or your entire balance on statement and you are always welcome to reach out if there’s any changes that come about in order for them to be arranged. If preferred, this can also be done through telephone banking or standing order with details of account numbers/sort codes provided upon request so everything is taken care of!

Account Management

To access your account, navigate to Premier Man and sign in with the information you have. If you are not sure of this or want a reminder, click on “Forgot Your Account Number?” You will be prompted for some personal details that we need before giving out an automated email containing all of your info. Alternatively, contact our customer service team who would love to help!

If you choose this payment option then there is something important left unsaid: where do I find my account number? Fortunately if it seems like too much work just send us a message through any channel (chat included), because we’re happy to take care of everything from start-to-finish—including finding those pesky numbers!

If you have a Premier Man statement, the best way to pay is through bank or Post Office. You’ll need to find your nearest one and tell the employee what amount on your statement corresponds with how much money you want them to take out of that account. They will stamp it and give it back once payment has been made. It’s important not only for protecting yourself from any fraudulent transactions but also as an easy reference in case anything goes wrong later down the line–you know where all those receipts are!

When you make a payment through Payzone, please note that there will be an additional £33 standard fee applied. To avoid this charge and ensure your money is going to the right place for processing, using cheques instead of cash or card payments are recommended. Please write “JD Williams” as “payee” on the back of any personal cheque issued by yourself in order to guarantee it reaches our Premier Man account (don’t forget customer number/post code), then send them both together with your completed payment slip via post-the process may take up to 3 weeks but if we receive all documents within 14 days from when they were sent out from JD Williams HQ; full credit should be returned automatically).

Payment slips are a great way to pay for your Premier Man orders. You can even purchase them at Wal-Mart! They’re like checks but they have the card number printed on it so you don’t need to write down all of your info, which is really convenient if you’ve just whipped out that new iPhone with its super cool touch screen keyboard and autocorrect features. The downside? If someone were desperate enough (and unethical), he could steal or copy one from under our noses in an airport security line while we wait in line behind him trying not to lose patience due to his sluggishness — oops I’m getting off topic here . Anyway when filling out a payment slip make sure that your numbers fill up every box nicely

You can make your payments on time and without hassle. And not only will you get an easy credit card, Premier Man also offers discounts for being a member of their company!

The Premier Man team will offer you the convenience of paying for your purchase before it arrives at your doorstep. This option is available to all our customers and can be found during checkout under delivery options.

The Premier Man Team offers a premier service that doesn’t cost more than what you expect! The way this works, once we know where in metropolitan area within 75 miles from zip code _____(fill-in)____will receive their package; someone with an electric car driving by on regular routes every weekday (Monday through Friday), Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon between 9am – 5pm inclusive will deliver the parcel right to their door step via special handling privilege.

What’s your favorite way to get packages? Choose between Unlimited Delivery, Standard Delivery, and Nominated delivery! Next day is always a good option if you need something ASAP. If not, 3-5 days will do the trick for our Premier Man customers. But what about times when you just want that package delivered on time – like tomorrow or next week at 8 am sharp?? That’s where this handy feature comes in: nominated delivery lets YOU choose when it gets here so we can make sure no one has an excuse for missing their boxes from us 😉

You can even choose the address where your parcel will be shipped to. Next Day Delivery – This option works best if you are in a hurry, but only order before 11:00pm so that it is delivered to your doorstep tomorrow! Click & Collect- You have until £40 worth of items and then you can ship them anywhere there’s a myHermes ParcelShop for pickup (usually open from 7am – 10pm every day). Bring proof of identification when picking up packages at any location near by as well.

Ordering your weekly groceries before lunch on Saturday? If you select Sunday Delivery, we’ll deliver them to your doorstep the next day! But this service is only available in certain regions for some items. You can tell which ones qualify by identifying any product marked as “Next Day.”

When you’re returning your order, make sure to keep a receipt of the return. Once Premier Man receives it back from us and checks that we have received all items in their original condition with tags and labels intact, they’ll refund your purchase amount less any shipping costs incurred on our end. You can either take advantage of one of four easy ways to get in touch: through courier service, Post Office mailing (with proof-of-delivery), myHermes ParcelShop or 24/7 Lockers if you want more convenience when picking up returns. If during this process something isn’t quite right with how things went down for delivery then let us know what happened so we can fix it next time around!

How To Get Your Catalogue

To request a catalogue from Premier Man, you will need to provide the reference code found on your return receipt. You can also sign up for their newsletter and get updates via email about trends, offers or discounts.

You don’t have to worry about the size of your blazer or jacket when shopping for clothes at Premier Man. They offer a wide variety of clothing in different sizes and styles, from all over the world! You can find anything you need under one roof without wasting time looking through multiple stores. Plus there are many options with regards to payment: debit card, credit card, PayPal etc., as well as delivery methods like standard shipping (free), express shipment ($25) and next day overnight service ($50). The website is easy-to-navigate too so it’s never been easier on us sweatpants wearing males – now we just need some more active coupon codes because this site has two kinds already!