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Online Gaming Console Purchase

Although new consoles can be expensive, when you consider the amount of use they will get, they are often a good investment. They are still expensive so you may be tempted to finance your purchase of a PS4 or Xbox One. You have a variety of credit options, including buy now and pay later, monthly payment, and weekly payment. Rent to own stores are also an option for renting an Xbox One and PS4. You could also buy a second-hand or refurbished Xbox One or PS4 to save money.

ps4 on finance

Explore our finance options for PS4 consoles

Sony’s Playstation 4 is the best-selling console in gaming and it has a high price tag. There are many reasons for this. This era-defining console was the first to set new standards in graphics performance. It brings games to life and delivers an immersive gaming experience.

The Playstation 4’s graphics look better than ever thanks to the High Dynamic Range (HDR), which allows for improved brightness and dark reproduction across a wider variety of colours. The Playstation 4 Pro is even more powerful, with 4K detail and double GPU power. Frame rates are increased to make the most of the latest blockbuster titles.

The fourth generation Playstation Slim is compact and lightweight, with a chassis that’s 30% lighter and 30% lighter than the previous model. You have 500GB of storage space to choose from, which is plenty to store a large collection of games. A PS4 gives you access to some of the most advanced and exciting games on the planet.

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Currys Playstation 4 Collection offers a wide range of bundles for your Playstation 4. Our bundles include some of the most popular games on the platform, such as Marvel’s Spiderman and God of War.

You can browse our entire console collection to see the most recent models from Sony, including the highly anticipated new PS5– Microsoft and Nintendo.

What to Consider When Buying a Games Console

Which gaming system should you choose if you’re shopping for one? PS4 or the most recent Xbox System? Microsoft or Sony? There are other factors that you should consider, in addition to brand and reputation. These are:

– When to shop. Black Friday and holiday weekends discounts, as well as closeouts, can result in lower Xbox One or PS4 prices.

– Don’t wait for bundles or promos. Bundle packages are a great way to save if you’re buying a system with games.

– Which games are available? Some systems are better suited for certain types of games than others, depending on what type of gaming you like.

pay monthly pas4

Upgrades, new system releases and prices of games are all important. Additional features such as USB, connection options and streaming TV and video streaming are all important to consider when purchasing a gaming system. It will make it easier to decide on the best system for you.

Credit Provided for PS4 Finance

The best way to spread out the cost of your purchase is with a 0% interest PS4 finance plan. This is the only dedicated finance option that guarantees you get a new PS4 console at its original price. This is a great way of financing the cost for a PS4 Pro, which will cost you at most PS300. There are many retailers that offer PS4 financing options with no interest.

Get interest-free PS4 deals from the AO. AO offers interest-free credit for 6 to 12 months, in monthly instalments. The sign-up process is very simple and there’s no upfront cost. AO regularly offers the cheapest PS4 bundles, which is a bonus. Also, next-day delivery is free for all PS4 consoles. You will be eligible for the interest-free plan if your PS4 bundle is priced above PS200.

Argos offers consoles at no interest. Argos offers interest-free credit for a maximum of 12 months when you buy a PS4 console using their Argos Card. This card has flexible payment terms that allow you to pay the entire amount back when it suits your needs. You will need to make the minimum monthly payment in order to avoid interest at 29.9% APR. In a matter of seconds, you can apply online for an Argos card

Get 0% interest on your PS4 with GAME. GAME offers 0% interest through an online section via a service called PayPal Credit. You can apply it to any item above PS99 (including the more costly model, the PS4 Pro), and you must pay the entire amount within a four-month period to avoid accruing additional interest. If you miss the deadline, the interest rate is variable at 19.9% APR

Buy now pay later PS4 Finance

You can get a buy-now-pay later financing plan from the same retailers as above, which offer interest-free finance.

The account will be paid in full within 3 to 12 months. No interest will accrue. You can spread the cost of your PS4 console over the maximum term, 12 months. To do this, you will need to use an Argos Card to pay Argos.

buy now pay later ps4

Pay Monthly PS4 Finance

It is convenient to spread the cost of your PS4 Pro month-by-month. There are some top retailers that offer this option.

Argos offers flexible financing options when you purchase goods using an Argos card. The payment can be spread over a time that works for you. You will need to make the minimum monthly payment on your statement in order to avoid interest at 29.9% APR. You will need to add a PS4 console and choose home delivery to apply for an Argos card. This will allow you to confirm your identity instantly. currently offers pay monthly PS4 and Xbox financing at 19.9% APR. AO offers PS4 deals at very affordable prices. There is no deposit required and you can pay for 12, 24, 36, or 48 months.

Currys allows you to purchase PS4 consoles over many years at 24.9% APR representative and ShopTo offers PayPal Credit over 6-24 months at 14.9% APR.

When you checkout online, you have the option to choose pay monthly finance if you buy your PS4 at Currys. After completing an easy online application, your credit file will also be checked. You may not be approved for PS4 finance if you have bad or poor credit. Once approval has been granted, you will need to e-sign your credit agreement before your purchase can be completed. Your shiny new console will be delivered within a few days.

Pay Weekly PS4 finance

A pay weekly plan can help you with their credit provided to buy a PS4 Pro at low interest rates. This will allow you to accumulate the most interest. This is a service that can be found in a few places:

  • Pay weekly PS4 deals from Argos. Argos does not offer a weekly pay plan, but the retailer, which is a catalogue-driven retailer, allows you to pay instalments at your convenience. This can also be considered a weekly pay plan. Sign up for an Argos card and ensure that it is paid off by the due date.
  • BrightHouse offers weekly pay-per-view PS4 deals. BrightHouse is a popular retailer that offers pay weekly plans. They offer refurbished PS4 Pros on either Pay Monthly or Weekly plans at a fixed rate, 99.9% APR representative. BrightHouse’s Pay Fortnightly option might be of interest to a few people.

PS4 Finance with bad credit

People with bad credit histories, low credit limit or low credit rating may have difficulty getting finance deals from the retailers mentioned above. However, there is one online retailer that offers financing to “96%” of those who apply. They are unknown to us, and we have not been able to comment on their service. The retailer is and they have many PS4 bundles on finance, all with 0% APR. One problem is the price!

PS4 finance deals

We hope that you found this guide helpful and now you know where to go for finance on new games consoles. If you are looking for gaming laptops you can read about it here.. Here are the 4 best prices for the PS4 Pro (if you decide to purchase it outright), all of which can be purchased on finance at the retailers listed above.

You can bundle a specific game with your PS4 console by visiting our PS4 bundle deals page. We have 100’s of deals you can buy right now. Perhaps you are interested in buying an Apple Watch on finance? Check our Apple Watch Finance guide.