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A tablet is a big-ticket tech purchase, whether it’s your main computer or second screen. You can save money even on the most expensive models with No Credit Check Catalogues.

You might be able to save up to 12% on any tablet from the Currys PC World range, in-store or online. No Credit Check Catalogues makes it possible to get the most recent tech at a more affordable price every day of the calendar year.

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Tablets are great for watching movies in bed, checking your Facebook feeds, or taking notes during lectures. Look for tablets with quad-core and octa core processors if you plan to use your tablet for media editing or gaming.

Each tablet recommended by our catalogues has WiFi built-in and is made by a trusted brand.

Buy through our No Credit Check Catalogues to find the right tablet for you.

Pay Monthly Tablets

All prices shown include plan and device. The latest models are available in our pay monthly catalogues from Apple, Samsung and Microsoft where you can also find your new phone.

Tablet PCs

There are many tablets available, including Android tablets, Windows tablets, and Apple iPad tablets. We have the right tablet for you. There is a tablet for everyone, whether you want to view films in bed, take notes, browse the internet, or use it to complete work.

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Monthly Tablets

We also offer financing for tablets in different packages that will best suit your budget. You can get 0% tablet financing for up to 4 months with Paypal Credit. Explore our entire range of tablet finance offers and get started saving today.

The Tablet Buying Guide


Tablets come in different sizes and screen qualities. Higher PPI (pixels/inch) means better picture quality.

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For browsing the internet every day, dual-core processors work well. Quad and Octa-core processors will suit creative or gaming professionals. Tablet-sized processors are available on high-end tablets, which make them perfect for media editing and designing wherever you go.


16GB is sufficient if you are using your tablet to browse and use a few apps, and have cloud storage. A tablet with 32GB or more is recommended for downloading media, music, and other files.


All tablets come with WiFi built in so that you can connect to the internet from anywhere. You can use 3G/4G tablets in the same manner as your smartphone to connect to online services from wherever you are.

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What should I spend for a tablet?

Many tablets are $100 and less. Although they may not be as powerful, you can still get a tablet for web browsing or light gaming (like a Kindle) for as low as $50. You can expect to spend between $200 and $300 if you need a larger screen with a higher resolution.

Is Samsung offering instalment plans?

For purchases over $500, use your OCBC card or UOB card to receive interest-free monthly instalments with 6, 12, 24, or 36 month tenure. Samsung Pay1, the smart wallet that allows you to make secure purchases, is available for purchase at Samsung Online Store.

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What is a UK credit limit acceptable?

The UK’s average credit card limit is between PSD3,000 and PSD4,000. However, your credit history and income will determine the credit limit you receive. … However, those with higher incomes and a better credit history may be subject to PS10,000+ limits.

Tablets need to have a lot of data allowance.

According to its latest quarterly report, tablet users consume three times more data than smartphone users. This only considers cellular data and does not include the significant amount of tablet data that is stored on WiFi networks at home.

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What do I do with the unused data?

You can rollover your data from one month into the next with some carriers if you buy a bundle on Pay As You Go. This assumes that you automatically renew your bundle each month. You can’t rollover data from contracts.

Is the Samsung Galaxy Tab worth it?

This tablet is definitely a bargain, but you won’t find the same speed as higher-end devices when you use more complex apps. The Samsung Galaxy Tab A price is amazing, especially for people who just want to check their emails, watch Netflix, or browse the internet.