Curvissa UK Catalogue Review and Comprehensive Buying Guide

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Curvissa UK stands as a beacon for stylish, plus-size women’s fashion. Offering an array of garments designed to celebrate curves, our garden sale shop and department offers a selection that ensures you’ll always find the trending shop styles you love. From casual chic to after-hours glam, our online boutique is dedicated to providing a variety of high-quality options that keep you in vogue and confident.

Our user-friendly website experience allows you to manage settings and give feedback easily, ensuring we meet your needs and preferences. With our insightful shop collections, shopping is not just an activity—it’s a journey of self-expression. We pride ourselves on our helpful information shop section, guiding you through each choice with detailed size guides and style advice.

As a responsible business, Curvissa is committed to consumer credit activities with integrity, and we aim to offer more relevant adverts to enhance your shopping experience. We measure business performance to continuously improve and provide the best for our customers. You can choose to accept or reject cookies with full details provided, allowing you to customize your shopping experience to your tastes and preferences.

Explore and immerse yourself in a shopping haven with over 3,000 items available at your fingertips. Part of the Otto Group, alongside familiar names like Freemans and Grattan Catalogues, we assure top-notch quality and a diverse range that caters to every preference. Whether you’re shopping for the garden, updating your work wardrobe, or looking for something special, Curvissa UK is here to make fashion accessible and enjoyable for every plus-size lady.

Curvissa Catalogue

The Curvissa UK Offers

Curvissa UK is revolutionizing the British fashion landscape, offering an intuitively organized online store that caters to every size. Navigate effortlessly through our categories — from women’s and men’s apparel to kids’ clothing and footwear. Our advanced filters allow you to shop by occasion or explore trending beauty, fragrance, and skincare products, ensuring you find the ideal piece for formal events or everyday wear.

Shop with confidence for the complete look, as Curvissa UK provides a seamless shopping experience, showcasing home electricals and gifts, all while adhering to the FLA Lending Code. We use cookies to give you a tailored browsing experience and leverage analytics to continually refine our offerings, presenting you with the most relevant adverts and items.

Our payment channels are designed for convenience, supporting purchases on Curvissa personal accounts, so you can invest in those larger, must-have items like trendy shoes or statement jewellery. Plus, our website experience extends to perfect gift ideas, including toys for dine-and-shop moments.

By using analytics to improve our services, we aim to elevate your visit to other websites, making Curvissa not just a store, but a lifestyle choice for the fashion-forward shopper seeking the latest in size shop options.

Monthly Payments

Curvissa provides a generous 14-day home approval period, followed by an additional fortnight for payment, allowing for thoughtful purchasing decisions. This finance-friendly approach, endorsed by the Finance & Leasing Association (FLA), ensures you can manage your budget effectively. Stay alert to email notifications for your Curvissa statement to keep track of monthly payments without a hitch.

As a retailer adhering to the Financial Conduct Authority’s standards, Curvissa has been the go-to lingerie destination since 1997, offering the perfect fit for every woman. Their extensive catalogue ranges from hair and bath products to body menswear, including luggage and hobbies collections. With helpful information and trending shop updates on the website, you can find us by searching for quality goods and affordability.

Curvissa invites customers to experience their consumer credit activities responsibly, providing an online store and mail-order catalogues with exceptional customer service. Remember, you can accept, reject, or manage your finance options via manage settings, ensuring a tailored shopping experience at Curvissa, where business performance and customer satisfaction are always in perfect alignment.


Curvisssa provides high-quality lingerie items designed exclusively for curvier ladies like yourself who want nothing more than just one of everything—and then some! The range of clothing styles available on this site accommodates any taste

Curvissa Shape Calculator

Curvissa is a premier retailer of fashionable clothing for the modern woman. At curvinas, you can find stylish and comfortable outfits to wear on any occasion. With expert fashion advice through Inspire section of our site as well as helpful tools such as Curvissa Shape Calculator, we are confident that your search will be an experience like no other!

Curvissa is the perfect place for all your plus size fashion needs. With over 3000 quality ladies clothes ranging in sizes 12-32, Curvissa has everything you’re looking for! From casual wear to occasional wear, there’s something here that will suit any occasion and style. A company of Otto Group with roots dating back to 1932 when it was founded by Hermann Schreiber and his wife Margarete as a family business – making women feel confident about themselves isn’t just an idea they had way back then; we can tell because their ideology continues on today under the name Curvy Supermodels® who promote body positivity worldwide through social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook & YouTube where they have amassed more than 3 million followers

When you choose to shop with Curvissa, you’re in safe hands. With over 50,000 employees spanning the world and 20 countries, when shopping from us we know that whether it’s for business or pleasure your style is our priority. When paying with a personal credit account at Curvissa stores of all sizes offers flexibility without limitations – pay off an item within weeks by making minimum payments each month in a similar fashion to Open Pay stores; alternatively spread out the cost of clothes purchase on offer across months simply pay monthly installments as they become due through-out time.

With more than fifty thousand employees worldwide and twenty different countries under its belt – curvilinear clothing has always been tailored to fit any occasion: work meetings or nights spent dancing until dawn!

Curvissa offers the best deals for fashion-forward customers. Find Curvisssa offer codes and discounts to save on your purchase!

Discount Codes And Coupons

Whether you’re looking for discount codes or free shipping, these are just a few of our exciting perks: 10% off orders over $50 with code HALFOFF; 15% off orders over $75 with code QUARTEROFF; Free Standard Shipping Worldwide on all purchases (no minimum) when using promo/coupon CODEFREEFREESHIP

Curvissa offers a variety of discounts and app deals for our loyal customers. The Curvissa Personal Account discount is applied to the order, rather than on its value as we want you to get your full value without spending more! To access App Offers, download the free Curvissa App from iTunes or Google Play store then place an online purchase through it. Discounts are automatically added during checkout if there’s one available based on what was given in-app before when placing orders with that account – no need to enter any codes manually anymore!

So whether you shop at curvy stores offline or buy clothes online using their website or mobile site (or both!), save big bucks by signing up for their personal accounts which will give them

Shipping And Delivery

Parents need not worry about the cost of shipping on their next client order with Free/Reduced Delivery Offers! You can use our promo code to get free delivery when you buy $100 worth or more. We also offer discount codes for a number of other scenarios, so be sure and brush up on them before placing your next online purchase. If that weren’t enough, Z-Codes are offered from time to time as well – these allow customers additional savings in bundles or with bonuses like an item being free after spending a certain amount at once. Check out this article for all things related to promotions here at Stated Goods LLC

Curvissa strives to provide the best shopping experience for its customers. They offer an array of products, which are constantly updated by designers and suppliers from all over the world. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Curvissa will let you know if any new items arrive in stock through your account as a notification on our website! To ensure that we can continue providing this service with speed and accuracy, there are some criteria necessary before opting into one-time promotions or prize draws:
You’ll need to register online so that Curvisa has access 24/7; free gifts await those who place orders too! If it’s not available now but was at some time during the last 7 days (yesterday), then please contact us via email customer

With Curvissa, you can customize your shopping experience with their easy registration process. Registering is as simple as going to the “My Account” link on any of our pages and entering an account number that has never been registered before or by clicking “Register” at the bottom of a page after choosing a new user under my profile settings.

The first order on Curvissa includes automatic registration so they have all the information about what items are needed for each individual customer’s unique taste-profile preferences. If you already have an account but haven’t shopped yet, it only takes three steps: 1) go to My Account; 2) enter your username/email address and password; 3) click Register!

Curvissa’s Personal Account: Seamless Shopping with Tailored Payment Plans

Embrace a world where flexibility meets fashion with Curvissa’s personal account, the ultimate choice for a “Buy Now, Pay Later” experience. Applying is effortless—just a few clicks online or during your order, and you’re set to manage your budget in a way that suits you best. Pay in full or over time; the power is in your hands.

Discover our trending shop with an array of fashion-forward clothing and footwear, carefully curated for the curvy body. With Curvissa, you can confidently choose items, knowing you have the flexibility to return them within 14 days if they don’t match your expectations, interest-free if the balance is cleared monthly.

We’re dedicated to enhancing your online shopping journey. Our website experience is tailored to your preferences—you can accept or reject settings as you please, providing us with feedback to continually refine and improve. Dive into our collection that spans from trending beauty, fragrance, and skincare to home electricals and gifts. We use analytics to showcase the shopping experience that resonates most with you.

Shop with Curvissa, where the department offers meet the convenience of an online catalogue, ensuring your wardrobe is always up-to-date and your payments, always manageable.

How to Manage Your Curvissa Shopping Account Online

Curvissa has always been a community that values convenience. Now you can manage your account anytime and anywhere! Here’s how:

After you have made your purchase, Curvissa will also provide a contact form that can be used to send customer service any questions or concerns. You’ll also find the following menu options: View Order History – This tab lets you check on the status of all orders and parcels in transit with Curvissa’s delivery system Track Orders – Here is where customers can track their order from the moment it was dispatched until it reaches its destination Return Address Book & Track Returns Manage Payments

Curvissa is always looking for new ways to make your life easier. Have you ever forgotten your password? Did it take hours of searching and trying different combinations just to log in again? Well, we’ve come up with a solution! You now have the option to reset your account by clicking on “Forgotten Password” link that’s located at the login page. All you need are some basic details about yourself like: username, email address used as an ID when signing up (or if not available – any alternate emails), date of birth etc., so Curvissa can get back into contact with us through these channels – which will then be sent over securely encrypted connections only once 24 hour period has elapsed since submission .

You can make your Curvissa shopping experience much more enjoyable by opening a Personal Account. This will allow you to quickly and easily view items, input sizes, and order from the comfort of home!

A personal account allows you to:

  • Gain access to 14-day trial period
  • Spread your order cost and only pay the minimum amount during purchase
  • Pay an amount between the minimum and full payment, with VIP early access.
  • This process will not have any effect on credit standing if changed mind about opening Personal Account.

Curvissa is the ultimate store for all your lingerie needs, whether you’re shopping online or in-store. From finding what’s available to ordering it and having it delivered straight to your door – Curvissa has got you covered!

Don’t you hate it when the phone rings at an inopportune time? Well, we’re introducing a new way to place your order: Curvissa Orderline.

This service is available from 8 am – 11 pm daily and lets you call us if, for some reason or another, emailing just isn’t as convenient that day! Be sure to be ready with product details (product name/number), offer codes (!promotioncode!), total purchase price(s) before calling though so there’s no confusion on our end; the operator will take care of all other essentials like payment information once they have all of this info collected. Orders can also still be placed through sending paper form forms back who knows how far down into

If you’re not satisfied with the product when it arrives in your hands, then there are two things that you can do: refuse delivery or return the item. You cannot cancel an order if available stock is still on hand at time of purchase; however, Curvissa accepts returns and exchanges within 14 days of receipt so long as they have a similar replacement for what was ordered originally.

Curvissa has an approval period for returns! You can cancel your order within 14 days if you are not happy with it. However, there is no guarantee that the order will be cancelled or returned to stock before shipping and delivery so just refuse any deliveries (or return) of unwanted items as soon as possible after receiving them.

Curvissa is a store that offers clothes, shoes, handbags and more. You can return your items within 14 days from the date of delivery as long they are unused with all original documents intact!
Items excluded include those marked Non-Returnable on Curvissa’s website or have been displayed in stores with this symbol. To make returns easy for you we offer courier services by Hermes (Delivery partner) where you get to pick up an order at their nearest location/point near you – plus it’s FREE!!

You can return your parcel without having to meet the courier. The best way is by returning it through a Hermes ParcelShop near you, but for some items, there might not be one that close by and if so in this case just make sure to leave detailed instructions on where they need to find it.

Parcels can be returned through a ParcelShop if:
Their weight does not exceed 15 kg
Their dimensions are within 1.2 m in length and 1m in width
Post Office – Items returnable through the post office, like parcels, you must follow certain rules to do so with ease. You will need create an Item Return form from the dispatch note sent out by us when your parcel was delivered; this is where you will detail what needs to be done upon its receipt back at our depot. Once printed off or completed on screen please attach it securely onto your parcel’s cover envelope before sending it back; we cannot guarantee items without their paperwork attached as well as ensuring they’re received correctly for any refunds that

If you are unable to return an item using your account, it is likely that:

  • The 14-day Approval Period is already expired
  • Your Item is larger than what the courier service can handle (including items like jewellery and iPads)
    If this applies to you then contact Royal Mail.

The Curvissa returns team is ready to help you out with any items that are of high value. Reach our customer service advisers through Webchat, email or phone for a Returns Pack if needed!

Curvissa Credit Terms

Full details of the Curvissa catalogue personal account may be found on the Curvissa website.

A Curvissa personal account allows customers to spread the cost of their purchase over a period of time, rather than pay in full at time of purchase. This method is perfect for people looking to make payments on certain items they want with no extra hassle! Of course, one will usually need some type interest paid more often but overall this option can be beneficial if you are not ready or able to buy an item right away without feeling like it’s something that should give up and wait until later when money becomes available again. Be sure before signing up however as there may be other payment methods which would suit your needs better such as paying in full upfront during check-out so read all details carefully first before deciding what works best for you personally.