How to Shop Online and Pay later

Do you have a bad credit history?

If so, we can help. Finance options are available for those who do not have a clean credit history and need to shop clothes, garden furniture, TVs, hot tubs, watches, or other electronic items online using credit. In our blog we review catalogues with no credit check that offer the best rates on the market with no hidden fees or surprises – just great service!

You will be able to get your desired items without having to worry about paying up front. It’s easy and convenient, all while helping you build your credit score back up.

These days, we often receive emails from users who have some problem in their credit history, and they are looking for an option to shop online using credit. The good news is that there is still finance options available for those who do not have a clean credit history.

There are many catalogues that work with a deferred billing system.

The best thing is, you don’t need to lower your shopping expectations when using these catalogues, as they offer high quality, name-brand items that you would find in premium retail locations. These are some of the wonders of online shopping that you can use for your benefit!

How Do They Work?

Deferred billing catalogues work on the basis of setting you up with a weekly or monthly bill, and then based on that you get to spend certain amount of money with them. Instead of doing rigorous credit checks, they just want to make sure that you have a salary, or otherwise some source of stable income. To verify this, they will ask you to produce a copy of your latest bank statements.

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This is much less bureaucratic than a credit check, and best of all, it will allow you to buy with credit even if you don’t have a clean credit history. As you buy through a catalogue like Studio Catalogue and keep paying your bills, your credit with the catalogue will keep increasing, as you are showing that you can be trusted. With time, this will build back up your credit history, which is a side-benefit of using these type of catalogues, which takes us to our next point.

Can I Use this to Build Back My Credit Score?

Well, the short answer is Yes. However, there is a caveat.

You see, since they don’t do credit checks on you, they usually don’t report your payments to the credit bureaus either. What you can do, however, is to send them a letter asking them to start reporting your payments to these institutions.

Once you do this, make sure you keep paying your bills on time! This can’t be overemphasized enough!

Over time, you will be building up a good history of payments, which will look very well in your history and more lenders will be willing to be in business with you.


There are many people who want to shop online but they don’t have a good credit history.

For those who do not have a clean credit history, there is still finance options available for them. These are the best ways to pay later without using your own money or credit card.

The first step is to check if you qualify for 0% interest purchase plans which in a similar way you would do with Next Catalogue, allow you to buy items such as mountain bikes now and pay nothing until your next statement date when the balance will be due in full. If this isn’t an option for you, then look into layaway payment programs where you set aside part of what you need upfront and make monthly payments towards the balance until it is paid off completely with no extra fees added on top of that amount like other financing options may require. This way, users can get their desired item without paying any interest at all!

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