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Finance options

OmniCapital retail finance is a finance company that works with us to provide competitive financial options and finance agreement options. We know that clients are willing to pay more with a UK bank account capable of taking sending payments. There are many gardening products that you can choose from to spread out the cost and make it easy for you to make the right decision. After viewing our finance options, users can shop online. Select Finance options during checkout to complete an easy online payment request. You’ll get your decision online after you submit the questionnaire.

ACE Sheds

Ace Sheds understands that purchasing a garden shed or summerhouse with a credit card registered in a UK bank is a major investment. This is especially true when you consider the fact that it’s a British-made, premium-quality, bespoke timber building. We offer sheds with finance, which allow you to pay monthly or 0% interest if you spend PS500 or more. After placing an initial deposit, we’ll spread the cost over a period of 10 months to help you get the shed that suits your needs.

ACE Sheds

Monthly Payments

Novuna has partnered with us to offer a simple financing option that includes monthly repayments and zero interest for a period of 10 months. The shed’s cost, less the deposit, is spread equally over the 10-month period. There is no interest on the finance. You will never have to pay more for your garden shed.

All garden sheds, garages, summerhouses and workshops over PS500 are eligible for finance. After selecting your timber building, and making any modifications using our easy customization tool, you have the option of either making a one-off payment, or paying via interest-free credit.

You will need to deposit a minimum of 10% if you choose interest-free credit. How much you have to repay each month will depend on how large your deposit is. The % of your overall payment that you deposit will affect how much you pay each month.

Use our easy finance calculator to find out:

  1. As your deposit contribution, choose a percentage of total shed price.
  2. After you have chosen your agreed amount, SagePay will direct you to SagePay for deposit payments.
  3. After completing the form, Novuna will direct you to Novuna for payment by finance.

Ace Sheds will contact you to discuss alternative payment options or to refund your deposit contribution. If you do not get approved for finance, Ace Sheds will help you. You will be redirected to our website if you are not successful. An order number will be sent to you. Ace Sheds will issue a number to you if your order is not completed. Contact us at 01233 8222042.

Monthly Payments

Example of Interest-Free Finance

You can get interest-free financing for up to 10 years at a 0% APR. Our interest-free financing is available online or in-store and allows you to spread the cost for your garden shed, summerhouse, or workshop.
All you have to do is:

  1. Spend at least PS500 or more
  2. Deposit a minimum of 10%
  3. Minimum finance amount after deposit e.g. PS450 and higher



Thinking about choosing finance?

Finance can be a great way spread the cost for your shed or summer home purchase. Klarna’s technology allows you to quickly apply and complete your loan application online.

You can add items to your basket as usual. When you reach the checkout, select the finance option that best suits your needs and then choose Klarna. It takes just a few minutes to fill out the quick application and you will receive an immediate decision. Easy!

Information about and the payment plan options

Fixed payments can be used to spread the cost. This is the most suitable repayment method. Finance orders require a minimum purchase of PS300. This applies to the entire basket. If you are purchasing a shed less than that amount, it may be worth adding those extras to your basket to qualify for finance.

You have 6 options for payment terms that will allow you to be flexible with your repayments.

Choose from:

  • PAY IN 3 instalments (no interest or fees)
  • 6 months or 12 month at 0%
  • 24-month, 36-months or 48-months at 9.9% APR

Klarna will not release any money until the loan is approved.

0% and 9.9% interest options available:
It’s simple and straightforward to make your monthly payments. Pay your monthly instalment with your Klarna card. It’s simple to set up direct debit payments from your bank account. You can also use the app to pay early.

You can pay later with 3 options:
Each instalment payment will be automatically collected from the debit/credit card entered at checkout. This is for 3 equal payments. When your order is confirmed by Tiger Sheds, the first instalment will automatically be collected. Instalments 2 and 3, respectively, are scheduled 30 days and 60 days later.

Finance Calculator

We offer a wide range of repayment options at Tiger Sheds, so we’re sure you will find one that suits your needs.

Use our finance calculator to find out more about your repayment options.

Standard (exc.): A 10% deposit is required Pay in Three

Finance Calculator

Choose your budget

Select Klarna at the checkout to apply for our amazing finance deals.
Standard deposit of 10% (exclusions Pay In Three)

The agreed repayments must be made on time and in full. You can spread your payments over the agreed time period to get the building you want.

You may face serious financial problems if you miss or pay late. Credit rating can be damaged, which could make it harder to get credit in the future.

We are unable to finance orders with a lead time of more than 24 weeks at the moment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to choose finance?

Spread the cost of your Tiger Sheds purchase in equal monthly payments using the “Slice It” promotional plan on Klarna Account. This offers you the option of either 0% interest (over 6 months or 12 months), or 9.9% interest (3 months or more).

Klarna will ask you for a 10% deposit if your order is accepted for credit.

You can choose to Pay in 3 for orders above PS1500. This option allows you to make 3 equal payments without interest or fees using your debit/credit card.

We are unable to finance orders with a lead time exceeding 24 weeks at the moment. The product page shows the lead times. It says “Hand-built to order”.

Klarna is who?

Klarna, a Swedish payment provider, takes full responsibility for your payments. seemless transactions all over the world. It is trusted by over 60 million customers because it assure payment security.


How do I apply?

  1. Place the items that you wish to add to your basket, and then proceed to checkout
  2. Select “Klarna” in payment options to select the finance option you need.
  3. It’s easy to fill out an online application. You’ll receive a decision in a matter of minutes. You don’t need to sign anything or post any paperwork.

Phone orders with the Tiger Sheds Sales team

  1. Your Tiger representative will be happy to discuss your order
  2. Select your preferred payment method
  3. The same Klarna application form will be sent to you by email or SMS. You can complete it in seconds and receive a decision within seconds.

You should note that if you delay in completing your finance application, it may impact your preferred delivery date availability.

What are the financing options available to everyone?

Only UK residents over 18 years old with a minimum of 3 years continuous address history are eligible for the finance options. The billing address must receive the goods.

For Pay Later in 3 applicants must have a debit card or card card.

We are unable to finance orders with a lead time exceeding 24 weeks at the moment. The product page shows the lead times. It says “Hand-built to order”.

What information do I need when I make a purchase

Klarna Account users must provide their mobile phone number, email address, name, billing address, and date of birth to be able to purchase. In case we need you to contact you, your mobile number will be required.

Klarna will need your payment details if you accept credit (Slice It).

All statements will go to your email address. We need to verify your details. If you don’t, you won’t receive the monthly statements. You will also be responsible for late payments fees.

Klarna Pay later in 3 will allow you to make a purchase. You’ll need your debit card or credit card to use the service. Without these details and correct information, you won’t receive your order information and payment schedule.

Do bespoke items require a separate deposit?

Yes. Yes. Customized goods are those that you order to your specifications or are not available on our website. You can order these on Klarna finance, but a separate deposit payment of credit or debit card to Tiger will be required for each order. The minimum deposit required is 25% of the order amount. However, you can increase it to reduce the loan amount if the loan amount exceeds PS300. Your deposit will be refunded if your finance application is denied. These orders cannot be cancelled or returned after they have been manufactured. After we send you the confirmation email, you will have signed a binding contract to purchase the goods. The goods will be made according to your specifications so you cannot cancel the contract.

What can I do to increase my chances of getting accepted?

Klarna is unique because it offers financing options that are based on several factors, such as order value, order history, and item availability. You can increase your chances of getting pay-late terms if you are over 18 by providing your full name, accurate address details, and shipping address to your registered billing address. Each order is assessed individually. All orders are assessed individually.

What is Pay Late in 3 Work?

This Pay In 3 option is available only for orders between PS300 & PS1500. The algorithm that generates it automatically depends on a variety of factors, including cardholder details, address details, cardholder details and order amount. This is done by Klarna Bank AB. Tiger Sheds does not have any part in this decision.

Is there a credit check against me?

0% and 9.9% interest options available:
As with traditional lenders who offer these products, a hard credit check will be done. The CRA will keep a record of this credit search. The credit reference agencies will be notified if you fail to pay your due date as per the. This could have an effect on your credit score.

You can pay later with 3 options:
Klarna might run “unrecorded inquiries” (or soft credit search) that don’t affect your credit score and are visible only to you and Klarna. They are not visible to any other lenders. You are not subject to credit checks by Tiger Sheds or Klarna that could affect your credit rating.

Credit check

Can I pay earlier than the due date?

If you need to settle your balance quickly, you can use the Klarna App for 0% and 9.9% interest financing options. If you’re using the Pay Later in 3 purchase option, it is not possible to pay before the due date.

Can my application be turned down?

There are many reasons why applications may be denied. We are not able to tell why credit applications have been declined. The Klarna Bank AB authorizes the customer. Tiger Sheds is not involved in the decision.

Contact Klarna Bank directly if you would like to learn more. These details are found in the email that Klarna Bank AB sent you confirming your lending decision.

What happens if Klarna is unable to collect my Pay In 3 payment?

Klarna will attempt to automatically collect payment from your Pay Later in 3 purchase at Tiger Sheds using the debit or credit cards you used at checkout. Klarna will attempt to collect payment automatically two days after the due date if we are unable or unwilling to collect your payment. Klarna will send you a statement detailing the entire outstanding amount 15 days after this failed payment attempt. Klarna will notify you two days before she attempts to collect the payment.

What happens if I miss or am late on my payments?

Klarna must receive your monthly payment by the due date. Klarna will report to credit agencies information about your monthly payments and any late payments. You may face serious financial problems if you miss or make late payments. Credit rating can be damaged, which could make it harder or more costly to get credit in the future.

Klarna can serve you with a default notice asking you to repay the debt if you fail to make consecutive payments. Klarna can terminate your Agreement, assign the debt to a collection agency or take over the responsibility for the debt recovery. Klarna customer support can be reached via Klarna’s support section or via Klarna‚Äôs customer support page if you have difficulty making repayments.