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Are you thinking of buying a watch on finance?

Swiss Watch Trader is pleased to be able offer finance options to our customers for their next Rolex pre-owned watch. You can buy your luxury watch now with a 10% deposit. Spread the payments over 24, 36, or 48 months. All Apple watches are available with 0% APR for 12 months. Klarna, our partner and former Close Brothers, provides financing. Finance is subject to your status. Other terms and conditions may apply.

buying on finance

The PROS and CONS of Watch Finance

Most people find buying a Rolex or other luxury Swiss watches a difficult decision that can result in a significant financial outlay. Although the decision-making process can be enjoyable, it can also cause a lot of headaches. This is especially true when you are deciding how to finance your new watch. You have to decide whether you will use savings, credit cards or watch finance. Understanding all options and their pros and cons can make it easier to make a decision.

The PROS and CONS of Watch Finance

Why a Watch on Finance is a Good Choice

There’s no need to wait. Finance allows you to buy a watch immediately and spread the payments over a longer period of time. This will allow you to keep your monthly payments low. This is a great option if you don’t have enough money to buy your dream watch.

Inflation. Watches, particularly sports watches from Rolex such as the Submariner and Daytona, GMT Master, Sea Dweller, and GMT Master, will see their value rise over time. When you are considering financing a watch, this should be considered. It may be worth more once the watch is paid off, plus any finance fees.

Keep your money safe. You might have enough cash saved for your next watch, but you don’t want to spend all of it. You can buy a watch with a zero percent APR option by making a small deposit and then paying the balance each month with no additional fees.

Upgrades are possible. It is possible to upgrade. You can use your original savings to deposit the money and then finance the purchase.


Our Watch Finance Options Involve Interest Free Finance

Klarna makes it easy to apply online for financing your next used, pre-owned or second hand watch. You will need to make an initial deposit of between 10 and 50 percent. The balance can then be spread over 24 or 36 months. To get the best finance deals, you might need to deposit a larger amount and keep your monthly pay to a maximum of 24 months. Higher interest rates are determined by the length of the term and how low the deposit is.

We offer a 0% APR financing option for all pre-owned, used and second hand watches. You can purchase your next watch by paying 50% down and spread the pay over 12 monthly. It’s an interest free finance.

You can borrow between PS300 to PS15,000.

Acceptance requires a minimum deposit between 10 and 50 percent.

An agreement typically includes an initial deposit and a 12-, 24-, 36 or 48-month loan repayment period.

All monthly pay will be paid via direct debit from your bank account.

The first pay is due in the usual fashion one month after the date on the finance agreement. All subsequent monthly payments are due for the duration of your term as of that day.

Interest free credit

Barclays Eligibility Checker

To find out if your credit score will be affected by Barclays Partner Finance, you can use the eligibility checker of Barclays Partner Finance. Loan amount approval is dependent on your financial status, application, and credit history. Below are some frequently asked questions.

How Will My Credit Score Affect My Eligibility?

The credit score won’t be affected by the checks we do. It will appear on your credit file in the form of a soft search. However, it won’t be visible by other lenders.

Credit Score

Why Do You Need My Personal Information?

To determine if you are eligible for financing with Barclays partner finance, we will use your personal data. We share your details with fraud prevention and credit reference companies to help us conduct our quotation searches. Please refer to our privacy policy for more details about how we store, use and manage your data.

Personal Information

How Accurate is the Barclays Partner Finance Eligibility Check?

The results of the Barclays Partner Finance Eligibility Checker are usually accurate. However, it is important to ensure that your details are correct in order to increase the chance of a true result. Sometimes, a different decision may be made if we do additional checks on a complete application. This can be frustrating but it is necessary to ensure that we are lending responsibly.

Why is it Common for you to be Implicitly Unable to Make a Decision?

Barclay’s Eligibility checks only do a soft search. This has no effect on your credit score. Sometimes, the search does not provide enough information to make a decision. We will perform additional checks if you submit a complete application. This could impact your credit score. There is also the possibility that you won’t get approved.

Is it possible to complete an application if regardless of the improbability?

Yes, but you should remember that this requires a credit check, and low credit score might cause your application to be rejected. Credit reference agencies do not share information about the decision of your application, but it can have an impact on your credit score. We may contact you to provide additional information in support of your application on occasion.

A Positive Result Means I will definitely be approved to Finance

The Barclay’s Eligibility Check result based on soft searches does not guarantee approval. Keep in mind that the information we provide is not a guarantee that we will be able offer you financing. You will need to complete a full application in order to get a definitive response. Credit is subject to credit application, financial circumstances and borrowing history.

I’m Eligible. What does that mean?

If you receive an “eligible response”, it means you are likely to get finance approval. This is as long as your application is complete and your loan amount is within your budget. The Eligible result is based on an average loan amount, term and credit score. Barclays Partner Finance Eligibility Checker end results vary if you use it with other retailers.


Proceed by adding the products to your basket, and paying with Barclays Partner Finance when you checkout. To complete your application, we will need some additional information.


Experian is a credit reference agency that is well-known. They provide and manage the Barclays Partner Finance eligibility checker service for Barclays Partner Finance company, so we, can determine if you are eligible for finance. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information about how and why your data are used with respect to the Barclays Partner Finance Eligibility Checker.


Simply click the finance tab beneath the 360-degree image of your watch to apply for financing. The loan terms will be displayed. You can change the monthly payment total cost by changing your deposit. Once you have decided on the deposit, select the total cost that you wish to finance and then press “apply now”. The next page will take you to your shopping cart where you’ll need to click “proceed for checkout”. Next, you will be asked for your contact information and billing address. Please note that finance agreements may limit the delivery of products to the billing address. After you have completed your information, scroll down to the bottom and click on Pay by Barclays Partner Finance. After you have completed your information, you will be transferred to the Barclays Partner Finance company website. There you will need answer some questions before they can decide whether or not to accept your application. After your application is accepted, you will be contacted by us to make your deposit over the telephone.


All watches can be financed. The total cost of the watch determines the loan term.


After your application has been approved, you will have the option to electronically sign your credit agreement within minutes. Before agreeing to the terms of the credit agreement, you should carefully read it. After you have accepted the terms of your credit agreement (AMJ Watches), you will be notified. You will not receive your credit products until you have your e sign attached on your loan amount agreement. After your agreement is signed, shipment of your goods will be made shortly.


If your application is declined, you will be notified. We will be informed if the lender cannot share the reason behind decline. Some reasons why your application may be denied include:

You don’t meet the eligibility criteria (see below);

File Information about adverse credit reference agencies

Credit score

You may be considered overcommitted.

Performance of your existing accounts with other lenders

You will be provided with the contact information for the credit reference agency. If you are interested in discussing the matter further, they will give you details on how to appeal the decision. Due to Data Protection laws, the lender cannot discuss the matter over the phone. Please note that every lender has its own credit score and will not accept applicants from other lenders. Appealing the decision solely on this basis may result in a change.



Some information is public information such as electoral rolls, County Court Judgements, and bankruptcies. Information about your accounts with other lenders could also be filed. This could include information such as payment history and balances. All credit requests, where credit reference searches have been conducted, will be filed. However, the outcome of these requests is not recorded.

How Can I Obtain a Copy of the Information Held by Credit Reference Agencies?

Send a check for PS2 payable to Experian to the following address. Include details of any addresses where you have lived in the past 6 years.

Consumer Help Desk, Experian Limited PO Box 8000 Nottingham NG807WF

Experian can be contacted if you feel any information is incorrect.

I Have Seen a Watch I Like, But It Is Not On Your Website

We can source any watch you are interested in. We may have some watches in stock, but they are not available on our website. Please contact us to see if we have it. We will do our best to get this watch in stock. If we cannot, we will provide alternatives.

What If I Purchase a Watch Online But Do Not Like It?

You have 14 days to return your watch if you aren’t completely satisfied with it. As long as you don’t have worn the watch or damaged it in anyway, we will accept returns.

Do you Accept Part Exchanges?

Yes, we do accept part exchanges. We can send you a quote for part exchanges if you contact us with the information about your watch, photos of your watch, and the watch you are most interested in.

How to Finance a ROLEX (Pre owned Watch)

Klarna makes it easy to apply for financing to purchase your next watch. Click on the watch you want to finance, then click the button “apply now”. You can choose the deposit amount and the term length. Before you receive an instant decision, you will need to provide some personal information such as name, DOB and contact details.

How to Finance a Used ROLEX Watch- Finance Agreement