Dial A TV Catalogue – The Beginners Guide

Credit Options Available
TVs on Finance
10/10Our Score
  • Up to £500 Credit
  • TVs and Home Cinema
  • Accessories
  • DVD & HDMI Players
  • Soundbars
  • Major Brands (Hisense, EGL, Cello, etc)

Established in 1991, Dial-a-TV is still managed by the same professionals who set it up. Despite its name suggesting that the company focuses on televisions, they offer a huge selection of products including games consoles and home entertainment items.

For the past 24 years, Dial-a-TV has been one of people’s favourite places to shop for a rent to own scheme. With their vast selection and competitive prices combined with outstanding customer service, it is no wonder that more than 90% of customers are happy with them as well! Whether you’re looking for household equipment or mobile devices like tablets and smartphones they have what you need at great value so check out this awesome store today.

For over 19 years now our team here at Dial-A TV has helped provide quality home electronics for those who don’t want an expensive upfront cost but still want high performance items such as TVs and DVD players from some big name brands including Samsung which we offer up front financing on if desired by our

Affordable Monthly Payments

At Dial-a-TV, they want their customers to be able enjoy the latest in television technology without breaking the bank. With a vast selection of products and affordable monthly payments, you can find everything from budget rental household items to high quality TVs for your home at an excellent price point that won’t leave holes in your pockets!

Dial-A-TV will deliver your rental TV to you free of charge. Dial A TV’s installation experts are happy to help get it installed for an additional fee if required!

Dial-a-TV delivers and installs TVs anywhere in the country, but that doesn’t mean they won’t come install yours at a competitive price – all it takes is contacting them right away so they can work within your schedule.

dial a tv catalogue

Range Of Products

Dial-a-TV offers an impressive array of electrical items available to rent. Cookers, white goods, and other appliances can be rented as well for your home improvement project needs! Dial-A TV also has a Guarantee that if the product is not repaired in one visit you will get it replaced with another item or even just return all your money

Dial A Tv provides renters with free repairs on their rentals

For the perfect tv for your home, Dial-a-TV has a range of 19” models to 50″ tvs – come in and find yours! Whether you need appliances, beds, sofas, or any type of furniture, we’ve got what you’re looking for.

Dial-a-TV offers rentals on all the latest technology too, looking to finance a laptop, tablet, mobile phone or iPad then head over to Dial-A TV’s online catalogue. Renting is not only affordable but also leaves you with no concerns about costly repairs as they are included in your rental price!

Free Repair Service

Offering a free repair service with rentals is what sets Dial-a-TV apart from other providers of rental equipment. They offer an excellent range for budget friendly, refurbished products that are available to choose from on their online catalogue and all come with the same level of in home care as any new product would receive.

‘their focus has always been providing excellence at affordable prices,’ says Jennifer Wilson, cofounder and general manager of dialATV Inc., ‘we’re very proud to be able to provide this type or customer service.’

Dial-a-TV saves you time and money by delivering to your home so that there is no need to wait in line or travel.

Rental Service

Dial A TV provides a rental service with free delivery, giving the consumer more flexibility than ever before with technology advancements. DialA-Tv has been providing this type of service for years now because they understand how fast paced our industry can be; renting from them makes perfect sense as it allows consumers to upgrade and change according developing technologies without any hassle on their part!

Dial-A-TV is the place to go for all your installation and repair needs. With their free service you can be sure that any equipment or appliance in need of an upgrade will get complete attention throughout every step, from picking out what’s best for you via phone consultation with one of Dial-a TV’s trained experts right through until they leave your home after installing it!

Dial-a-TV has been around for over 25 years, offering you the latest technology on their rent to own scheme. It’s tough to beat Dial a TV’s winning combination of fantastic product choice, prices and great customer service!

Dial-a TV offers a unique service that gives you the opportunity to upgrade and trade in items for newer models with affordable weekly payments. Whether there’s an unexpected problem or you just want something new, Dial-a TV will work with your budget! Head over their website now to apply online today.

Dial-a-TV has a 3 step application process:

1. Place an order through adding items into your trolley, then submitting the order form.

2. Confirm the order by phone when Dial-a 2 TV representative gives you a call to proceed with completion of applications’s process after confirming everything is in place and ready for delivery on date arranged beforehand between parties involved in transaction from start to finish .

3. Pay rental fee through debit/credit card or other accepted means such as cash deposit at bank branch nearest location where service will be rendered (this can also be done over web). Wait time varies depending upon availability which may vary during peak periods like Christmas holidays due high demand but typically take about 1 week before installation appointment scheduled

Dial-a-TV makes it easy to buy a TV on finance or rent TV and other audio/video equipment. You can check your area is covered by going to the Dial a TV Postcode Checker, or just dial them up for any questions!

Dial-a-TV provides a useful way to find the rental products that are available near you. They have an alphabetical list of all cities and towns where their product can be rented, so if your desired city is not nearby it may still work out for you as long as there’s coverage in close proximity. If this isn’t enough information or doesn’t cover your area, Dial-a-TV also has a Postcode checker on its website which will tell you whether they’re able to service your address. You’ll need only provide first name and last name along with email address when contacting them through the form provided; details about what specifically needs fixing/installing should go into message body itself rather than subject line).

Dial-a-TV allows you to look at your messages in a number of different ways.

Product Enquiry, My Account (Payments, Add-ons, and Upgrades), Service Call (Request a Repair), Commercial Rental, Marketing (Advertise on Dial-a) TV ), Affiliate Scheme (Promote Dial A Tv), Complaint (Help us to improve). By entering your email address on their “My Messages” tab, you may see messages you have previously sent or received via the service.

Dial-a-TV only accepts payment through Direct Debit. All prices that are quoted on their website are charged monthly through your bank account if you choose this option. You can get more details about how to do so by calling Dial-a-TV or sending them an email, or downloading the Direct Debit Mandate form from their site!

It is important to always be prepared when you need a service call for your television. Dial-a-TV has all the contact information that can allow you to request and cancel any services that might be required in order to keep your TV on point

When you’re ready to cancel your rental agreement, reach out to customer service by following their contact form. Specify “Cancellation” as the subject of your message and a representative will be in touch with you for how best to proceed!

Fast Delivery

You can always ask for your order to be delivered faster. There is a good chance that your request will get accommodated and you’ll receive it sooner! Dial-a-TV schedules deliveries from Mondays to Fridays, but weekends are out of the question. You may still make special requests on weekdays though—either morning or evening delivery (at no extra charge!). Please note that installation might not come with any third party carriers like Fedex or UPS, so if you’re getting something big like computer equipment and game consoles manufacturers provide their own in house services for installation work as well as support after purchase too!

Dial-a-TV is always there for you. For when your household equipment breaks down, Dial-A TV will be the one to fix it up and put a smile on that face of yours again by giving you an equivalent product. They can take anywhere from 4 days – 7 workdays before they give service calls but don’t worry because while waiting, they’ll leave something so great in place just for you!

Indesit/Hotpoint will not be repairing any third-party equipment, unless it’s still covered by the first year manufacturer warranty. They also won’t take care of your Dyson vacuum cleaner or computer equipment during a repair call either. But if you’re renting and damaging something in the process, don’t worry! Your home insurance might cover that damage for you–you’ll just need to check on that before anything happens so as to avoid any issues later down the line from someone seeing this incident happen without noticing what was going on with your rental agreement beforehand.

No third parties are allowed except when they have Hotpoint / Indesit products that fall under their one-year manufacturing warranty period; only then can an engineer

Accidental Binding Waiver

Dial-a-TV offers a binding accidental damage waiver that will make your contract more comprehensive and provide coverage on any accidents. Dial-a TV also provides you with an easy way to reach them for customer service through phone or email, so if something does happen, they’re always close by!

Dial-a-TV offers many ways to contact them about your complaint. You can use their website, or call the customer service number and select “Complaint (Help us improve)” from the menu. Dial-A TV will investigate any complaints you make as soon as they are reported through these methods of communication. Even if there is a problem with how quickly it’s resolved, at least you know that someone has been alerted to your situation!
In fact, in some cases where customers remain unhappy after addressing things over phone or internet chat support teams members have referred their dissatisfaction directly to Financial Ombudsman Services for review by an independent body which ensures fairness across all financial sectors including payday loans and credit cards so that disputes between businesses and consumers.

Through this, you will be able to discuss your account so they can offer a solution. The solution often involves substituting the item and there’s usually some sort of reduction on monthly payment similar to Open Pay Stores, that is offered for it. There are also possible changes in terms with date or frequency of payments which may work better for someone like yourself who wants more flexibility when making their payments month by month rather than having them all at once–which most people prefer these days! It’s worth mentioning, too, that depending upon your situation (even if we just meet briefly), I might even suggest other avenues such as talking about any credits/debts owed to you from an ex-spouse under divorce settlements; not many customers know those rights.

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