Littlewood Clearance

Are you looking for Littlewood clearance deals?

Littlewoods is an online shopping app and website that has some of the best deals in UK. It’s known as one of the most popular buy now pay later catalogues where you can shop online and plan your payments on the go.

Littlewoods belongs to the Very group, so you might be familiar with some of its brands already.

Shop direct finance company features easier seasonal shopping deals at the Littlewoods online store
Shop direct finance company features easier seasonal shopping deals at the Littlewoods online store

Here are some of the reasons why you should buy at the Littlewoods catalogue:

  • gift ideas
  • UK’s leading men’s clothing brands
  • casual clothes
  • stylish clothes
  • burton menswear
  • sports shoes
  • casual footwear
  • affordable prices
  • own exclusive ranges
  • great prices
  • offer codes
  • all the best deals
  • save money on exclusive deals
  • smart technology (new littlewoods app)
  • cost interest free
  • personalised gifts
  • free standard delivery
  • electrical and beauty brands

Littlewoods also owns other catalogues

Its brands include and Some of its former store direct brands were Additions Direct Abound Choice and Great Universal Isme K&C Kay & Marshall Ward, as well as Woolworths.

Do you want to learn more about Littlewoods? If so, read our FAQ section below:

Are Very and Littlewoods the same thing?

Littlewood and online department stores are owned and operated by ShopDirect, the parent retailer. They are very similar and although their product lines may not be identical, there is a lot of overlap.

Is it possible to still order a Littlewoods Catalogue?

The Littlewoods catalogue is not available anymore. Shop Direct decided to get rid of the paper print magazine and focus on their online website and mobile app because of the rise in online shopping.

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What is the minimum monthly payment for Littlewoods?

You can shop as usual, but you will be able to select interest-free 20 week periods at the checkout.

How can I pay my Littlewoods Account?

Online payments are possible at any time. You can choose what you want to pay and then fill up your bank account.

Can I use my credit card to pay Littlewoods?

These sections can be used to pay your Littlewoods accounts online using debit cards, Maestro cards or bank cards. For purchases made before you are required to pay a percentage of the purchase price.

Who owns Littlewood?

The original firm went out of business in 2005. However, The Very Group purchased the brand name and continues to operate the online shop

Littlewoods pools

The original firm was started in 1923 as a manufacturer of cigarette lighters. Football pools Littlewoods Pools is a sportsbook. Following a loss in the first season, the original partners left the company but the Moores family persisted and was able to grow the firm into mail retailing by 1932. The first mail-order catalogue was delivered to pool subscribers.

Littlewoods stores

Littlewoods was one major merchant to move from the town-centre to new projects, often in enterprise zones, in order to benefit from the financial incentives setting up new Littlewoods stores. One example was the Merry Hill shop which opened on November 14, 1989.

What is Shop Direct Group?

Littlewoods merged with Kays Catalogues to create the Littlewoods Shop Direct Group (now Shop Direct Group). Many distribution centers for both brands were closed after the merger of the two companies. Kays’ major stores were closed in Worcester and Leeds, while Littlewoods’ operations in Liverpool were shut down.

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