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The Apple Macbook is a combination of the most recent portable computing technology and Apple’s design aesthetics. It features incredible specifications and amazing displays. An Apple laptop, as well as the Apple Watch is versatile enough to be used at work, home or in the design studio. You can choose from the small, portable MacBook Air or the powerful MacBook Pro.

Apple laptops come with Intel Core processors that give users the power to work wherever they are. The excellent battery life ensures that you can work longer without the need for charging. The trackpad’s innovative functionality makes it easy to switch between multitasking applications. It also speeds up your work speed.

Retina displays are a luxurious way to enjoy your work and entertainment. They show everything, from your spreadsheet to the most recent movie in amazing detail.



MacBook Air financing options are available alongside MacBook on finance, so you can make your Apple laptop purchase your way. You can choose from many flexible options to pay interest monthly.


It’s now easier than ever to get Apple products into your institution or organisation.

Innovative payment structures

Apple products are durable and smart investments. Apple Financial Services adds future value upfront to create compelling financial structures.

Innovative payment structures

Simple contracts

With Apple, you can get the technology that you need to run your institution or organisation. It’s easy, flexible, and friendly.

Simple contracts

Flexible terms

Apple Financial Services allows you to adapt as your institution or organisation needs change. You have full control over your refresh with customer-friendly options at the end of each term. You choose the best time to upgrade.

Simple ways to finance your Apple products

With an affordable instalment plan, you can take home the products that you love. First, shop and then apply for financing at Checkout.

Simple ways to finance your Apple products


You can choose between three to 18 or 36 equal monthly instalments.

£299 minimum order.

Receive an instant decision and your order will be shipped right away.


Paypal Credit

£99 minimum order.

You can get an instant decision to have your order shipped to you or picked up at an Apple Store or local pick-up point.

You can choose between equal monthly payments of 6,12, 18, or 24 months.

Once approved, you don’t need to submit another application for future purchases.

14.9% annual interest rate Fixed for the duration of the instalment plan. Any balance remaining after the end the instalment period is over will be reverted to the standard variable rate.

Transactions made without instalment plans are subject to a standard variable rate.

Example of an Instalment: A £500.00 purchase would be split into 24 monthly payments at 14.9% (fixed), which would cost £24.00 per Month. Total amount payable £576.00.

Paypal credit

How it works

Make your purchase.

Continue to Checkout until you reach ‘How would you like to pay?’

Select an instalment plan.

You can pay over time. You can choose PayPal Credit or Barclays.

Finish your order.

Place your order


  • Place your order after reviewing the details.
  • To complete your credit application, you will be taken to the Barclays website.
  • Once your credit application is approved, you will receive confirmation of the delivery date.


  • For complete Paypal Credit applications, please continue to PayPal.
  • Return to the Apple website.
  • Place your order after reviewing the details.

Klarna allows you to pay monthly when you shop online with KRCS

Klarna and KRCS allow you to shop now and pay later for purchases over £249. You can pay your Mac for more than £1,000 by paying over 12 months interest-free.

Klarna and KRCS can help you realise your Apple Watch, iPad, iPhone, or Macintosh dreams.

Easy Upgrade is also available. This new financing option allows you to trade in your existing tech and get a credit limit upgrade at the end.

How to Apply:

STEP 1: Add more than £249 products to your basket, and then select “Klarna” at checkout

STEP 2: Enter some personal information and you’ll instantly know if your application has been approved

STEP 3: Klarna will email you a confirmation and reminders when it is time to pay.


Who is DivideBuy?

DivideBuy is an Interest-Free credit provider. Their unique algorithm eliminates the need for an underwriter and a third-party lender. DivideBuy has an acceptance rate of 96%, subject to your age and status.

What does DivideBuy do?

Depending on the order value, you can choose from three to twelve month instalments. It takes just 60 seconds to submit your application. DivideBuy will immediately notify you if it has been approved.
Once your approval is received, we will electronically sign your agreement.

What requirements are there for DivideBuy credit?

* Must be between 18 and 75 years old
* You must be a permanent UK resident.
* You must have a valid credit or debit card.
* Get a UK mobile phone number.
* You must have a valid email address.

Is there a credit check?

Yes. The agreement is one of credit limit. A credit check is done to determine your affordability and eligibility. DivideBuy employs a third-party credit reference agency along with their unique algorithm.
DivideBuy has a soft-search function that can evaluate your eligibility without affecting your credit score.

When do I need to pay?

Upon submission of your application, a minimum of the first instalment will be due. You may need to pay a deposit, or assign a guarantee depending on your credit score.
A deposit will be taken from your total order cost and reduce your monthly instalment.

Are there fees or charges?

Not a penny. You pay 0% APR and there are no cancellation fees, setup charges or cancellation fees. DivideBuy reserves the right to charge late payment fees if you miss any payments. This is explained in your Credit Agreement prior to you start the checkout process.

Is it possible to pay my agreement in advance?

Yes! You can make full or partial payments at any time via your DivideBuy account. You have the option to either pay a fixed amount or a reduction in the total amount. An early repayment is free of charge.

How can I change my delivery address to my billing address?

DivideBuy will require approval for any delivery to addresses other that the billing address. We cannot ship to any other address without their approval as fraud prevention measures apply.
DivideBuy will notify you if goods are being delivered to an alternate address once you have placed your orders and paid the first installment.

Macbook Pro Financing with No Credit Check

Apple is the most popular company to produce different types of smartphones, tablets, notebooks, and MacBooks. Apple products are reliable and high-quality. These products are however more costly to purchase. Apple offers direct financial assistance to help you purchase your products: MacBook. To qualify, the credit score must be at least 700. This score can be obtained in various stores or online.

What happens if your credit score is not good enough to get financial assistance for MacBooks? Do not worry. There are many stores and companies that offer’rent-to-own MacBooks without credit checks’ programs. These programs allow buyers to rent a MacBook and then pay back in affordable monthly instalments. These programs do not require credit checks. These programs can help anyone, regardless of their credit history. Here is a list with the best companies you should consider.

Financing your Apple Purchase:

You can customize financing to match your payment structure with technology upgrades. This allows you to adapt your computer upgrades to your company’s technological life cycle.

Modern Machines: Reduce the hassle of managing multi-generation equipment by regularly updating technology. This will reduce compatibility issues.

Apple and Non Apple Services included : Payment includes accessories and services, along with third-party applications/products for a single payment.

We are now left with the question: What if my credit score is not good? You don’t have to worry about your credit score, as many stores offer financing for your Macbook Pro dream without checking your credit history. Rent-to-own is a program that allows you to purchase the computer even if you don’t have the cash. The seller will lease the machine to you for between 12 and 24 months. This program offers flexible repayment terms. To help you manage your repayments, the payment is spread over the lease period. You can choose to pay weekly or monthly instalments. The total amount that you will end up paying over the leasing period will be slightly more than upfront. However, it is still affordable for those who don’t want to spend too much.

Financing your Apple Purchase

Rent2Buy FAQ


Do you think a second-hand MacBook should be purchased?

A second-hand MacBook can be a great way of saving money and still getting a fully functioning MacBook. A refurbished MacBook will show some signs of wear but it will still work as well as new.

Refurbished second-hand MacBooks are much less expensive

A refurbished Apple MacBook is a great alternative to buying a brand new MacBook. A refurbished Apple MacBook could save you between 10-30% on the machine’s retail value depending on its condition and age. If the device is older, you may be able to save as much as 50%-60%.

Is it safe for me to buy an Apple MacBook used?

Yes! Yes, provided you buy your second-hand or refurbished MacBook from an authorised supplier. Affordable Mac safety tests all Apple MacBooks before they go on sale. All Apple products come with a 1-year warranty.

What happens if your refurbished MacBook has a problem?

Reputable suppliers are the best choice for your refurbished MacBook. While most suppliers offer a minimum 6-month warranty for your refurbished MacBook, Affordable Mac offers a 1-year warranty that can be extended by request.