Kays Catalogue Review And Buying Guide

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Kays Catalogue has been around for over 20 years and is one of the most popular brands in UK. In this blog post, we are going to review Kays’ catalogue with you so that you can decide if it’s right for your family. We will walk through their different sections, talk about pricing and then give our final thoughts on the company.

Kays History

Kay & Co Limited was indeed a mail-order catalogue company that published the Kays Catalogue, also known as the “Kays Lifestyle Catalogue,” with offices and warehouses located across the United Kingdom. It was a highly successful business, particularly in the late twentieth century, when it focused on childrenswear, toys, and everything busy moms may need for their families on its primary website, www.kays.com (aimed at heart of families). The company recognised the requirements of busy families by offering a hassle-free shopping experience that made life simpler for them while satisfying all essentials such as an easy method to buy without going through any difficulties or complexity like other companies out there.

The Link Between Littlewoods and Kays

The established way of mail order shopping before the internet was with big catalogue companies. When online shopping took over and with the proliferation of e-commerce, these catalogues had to restructure. Great Universal Stores and Empire Stores consolidated their brands under two new names: Shop Direct for Littlewoods, Kays; Otto Group became Grattan Catalogue & Freemans after restructuring as well!

Kays catalogue

Offers On Kay & Littlewoods

Kays Catalog and Littlewoods Shopping Europe is a leader in online home shopping. They offer the best sought-after brands of products, as well as womenswear for women and kids clothing too! You can also find all your needs around the house from top electricals to gardening items to gifts galore – at Kays online catalog you will never be short on options when it comes time for that perfect gift.

Kays Catalog & Littlewoods Shopping Europe are committed to providing shoppers with quality goods; they have an extensive selection of clothes available -from shirts up front down past dresses, skirts, jeans and trousers- so there’s something sure to suit any taste or style preference out there today.

Littlewoods Direct has everything from clothes to electrical appliances and even gifts. Plus, they have a sales section that sells items at discounted prices! With over 40,000 items on the site including top brand fashions for adults and children as well as sportswear & equipment such as footballs or basketball shoes; household goods like ovenware sets; toys like Lego kits or dolls houses with furniture packs – there’s something here for everyone in your family too.

With Kay & Co Ltd and Littlewoods merging, you can still shop with ease. Your account will have all your details on the new site such as past orders so shopping is more exciting than ever before!

The Empire Stores catalogue has everything you need to be the best of British. Their wide selection means that there is something for everyone, from clothes and household items to outdoor leisure goods. With a 20% discount on your first order plus free delivery on all orders over £50 (UK only), they are one of the leaders in providing convenience when it comes to shopping online!

The empire stores have been around since 1988 with their headquarters based out of Ipswich and Jersey – two very different locations but both important markets for this company’s success because each location offers its own unique population demographic which helps them cater more specifically towards what people want locally while still being able-to offer products at competitive prices across all categories.. They also provide an ecommerce website.

Key Features of the Kays Catalogue

When you create a credit account, you will get £15 off your first purchase. Additionally, various payment options and 0% interest-free credit on purchases! The Kays catalogue may be ordered online to discover unique presents for family and friends worldwide. To ensure they purchase what you want them to, build a Wish List in minutes using our user-friendly interface.

Kays was the UK’s leading catalogue shopping business, offering an incredible array of goods! New clients would get a 10% discount on their whole first purchase. Kays offers a diverse range of categories, including DIY, Home Decor, and Home Electricals.

The wide variety of Kays Lifestyle’s Shopping Categories means that there is something for everyone. The categories are divided into Men, Women and Kid’s Apparel; Electronics; Home & Garden Supplies: Jewellery and Gifts. You’ll find everything from the latest brands in fashion to household appliances at great prices – all available online or in store!

Kays Catalogue History

The Kays catalogue, founded in 1894 by George L. Ward (1870-1959) and his brother John W. Ward (born 1872), is one of the oldest mail order companies still operating today. Originally called The Universal Trade Supply Co., the company was renamed to GUS Great Universal Stores for a short time and then merged with Littlewoods to become Shop Direct Group Limited – which became part of their group that marketed home shopping brands such as Choice Home Shopping Club Ltd., Marshall Ward, McCord’s Country Clothing Company Incorporated, Innovations Unlimited Supplies PTY LTD and many more after its acquisition from Next plc who bought it back in 2005.

Shop Direct is a well-known and popular retailer in the UK. Founded by John Moores, founder of Littlewoods (Liverpool), Shop Direct was initially an offshoot company to sell products through catalogs until they were rebranded as Kays Catalogues after merging with rivals Empire Stores and Great Universal Stores. A key year for this transformation came when it became part of Liverpool’s most famous retail empire – The Littlewoods Group – incorporating different brands including Superdrug, Easy Living Solutions Furniture Store & Vision Express Opticians into its group before ultimately becoming known as just “Littlewoods” at the end of July 2015 following their purchase by SportsDirect International plc.

Kays PPI Claim

Do you have a Kays catalog account and are not sure if it had mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) attached to it? Find out before filing your claim. Your online or paper catalogue may have been added with the insurance without any notification, which is why many people missed this important information when reading their contract terms and conditions. Once they were notified of its existence – as an afterthought in some cases – individuals received letters informing them that this product was now part of their agreement.

Is Kays Catalogue Still Running?

Kays was founded in 1890 and closed in 2004.

Can I Still Get The Kays Catalogue?

Unfortunately the catalogue is not available anymore, but you can often find old copies of it on ebay or even digital scans of the catalogues online!

Kays Catalogue was one of the most popular catalogues in Britain. It closed its doors on July 31, 2004 and became part of Littlewoods at that date. However this doesn’t mean you can no longer get their catalogue account!

Who founded Kays Catalogue?

William Kay established the mail-order catalogue company in Worcester, MA after running a jewelry shop.

Is Kay Catalogue still in business?

The business was then closed for good in 2004 and merged into Shop Direct Group – a digital retailer of home appliances and furniture, such as beds on finance or sofas on finance..


Kays Catalogue was one of the most popular catalogues in Britain. It closed its doors on July 31, 2004 and became part of Littlewoods at that date. However this doesn’t mean you can no longer get their catalogue account!

Many people enjoyed getting a new catalogue from Kays every month to see what they could buy with their hard earned money. We’re here to help those people feel like they never lost access to these great products.

By using their service you will be able to view all the pages from any edition of Kays Catalogue ever released online for free! You’ll also be able to download as many copies as you want so long as it’s legal under your country’s copyright laws.